Weak Gravitational Lensing Course

Graduate course, University of Edinburgh, 2015

This was a 10 week course that I organized. I also presented 4 of the 10 lectures and arranged for guest lecturers from the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh to lead the rest.

Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, Astro 10L

Observing Lab, University of California at Davis, Physics, 2005

I led the lab component of Astro 10, which was an introductory course in astronomy for undergraduates. At the beginning of each meeting, I delivered a quick lecture (~30 minutes), for which I created the slides. We then went on to observe and complete exercises using small telescopes on the rooftop of the Physics Building.

Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Introductory Physics 7A/B, University of California at Davis, Physics Department, 2004

Over three quarters from Fall, 2004 through Spring, 2005, I led 5 Discussion/Lab sections (each ~25 students) for Physics 7A/B, which is an introductory undergraduate course for pre-meds and students majoring in other STEM fields aside from physics.